How does the Free plan work?

The Free/Start Plan allows you to access essential tools to initiate your business’s invoicing process.

Invoice Wizard’s” Start Plan subscription includes “50 Invoices per Month, Draft Orders, Legislation Compliance, Bulk Print and download, Quick Edit functionality, Packing Slips, Credit Notes, and Return Forms”.

Important Note: Users on the Start Plan do not have access to the “send document” feature.

You are entitled to print and download 50 invoices for free, from the date of your Free Plan subscription until the same date in the following month.

If, and only if, you end up exceeding the limit of 50 invoices for printing or downloading within the designated time frame, “Invoice Wizard” applies a usage fee of $9.00 to your store. Yet, in conjunction with this usage charge, you gain unlimited access to invoices for the remainder of that period.

Your 50-invoice limit is reset every month. If you incur a usage fee for a specific month, your limit is refreshed, and you won’t face a usage fee for the subsequent month, provided you do not exceed 50 invoices in terms of printing, sending, or downloading during that period.

Furthermore, to provide clarity on the billing cycle, let’s consider an example: if you subscribe to the Free plan on December 1, your billing cycles will be December 1 – December 30, December 31 – January 30, and so forth. If, during the December 1 – December 30 cycle, you exceed the 50-invoice limit, the $9.00 usage fee will be added to your Shopify bill. However, in the subsequent December 31 – January 30 cycle, you will once again receive 50 free invoices, and no charges will apply if you stay within the monthly limit.

You can monitor your usage through the “Store Details” in the navigation toolbar.

  • Click on the “Settings“ section in the navigation bar.
  • Click on the “Store Details” section.

Additionally, you have the option to review your remaining usage in the “Event Logs” section.

    • Step 1: Click the “Event Logs” section
    • Step 2: You can track your usage within this section.


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