How can my customers pay their outstanding invoices?

You can learn how your customers can pay their outstanding invoices by following the simple steps below

By using our app’s “Draft Mail Sending” and “My Account Section Payment Link” features, you can easily collect payments from your customers

Draft Mail Sending

Since draft orders include a payment link by default in the email content, you can easily send draft orders as emails using the application’s “Send Draft” feature.

To Customize Draft Email Sent By Our App:

  • Click the “Settings” section of our app’s navigation bar, Then select “Mail Settings.”

  • Click on the “Template” field of our app’s navigation bar and select the “Draft” section

  • Customize the “E-mail Content” field according to your preferences using the code provided above.
      • If you want to add this code by clicking the “Source” you should know basic “HTML.”
  • If you want to perform this action for specific customers, enter their email addresses in the “BCC” field.
  • Click on the “Save” button after all customization.

My Account Section Payment Link

  • Click on the “Settings” section of our app’s navigation bar.
  • Click on the “Store Integrations” section.

  • Scroll down and click on the “Activate This Feature for Me” button located below the “My Account Section Payment Link” section.

Here’s a preview of the “My Account Section Payment Link” feature on the “My Account” page of your store.

Please note that Shopify provides a payment link for unpaid orders for users who have the New Customer Account.

If you open a support ticket by clicking here, we can add a payment link to your invoice emails for unpaid orders.


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