How can I send a payment link to my customers?

You have the option to send a payment link to your customers. By default, when you send a draft order using “Invoice Wizard,” the payment link is included in the email content.

The draft payment link isn’t visible in regular invoice emails for customer-placed Shopify orders. It appears only when sending a draft order to your customer. Clicking on the link redirects them to your “Shopify Store” for payment.

To receive payments for orders with a pending financial status, use the following code:

{% if order.financial_status == ‘pending’ %}

Complete payment here: {{ order.checkout_url }}

{% endif %}

  • Start by navigating to the “Settings” section on the navigation bar. Next, click on the “E-mail Settings” button. Once clicked, pick the Invoice option.
  • Tailor the “E-mail Content” field according to your preferences with the code given above.
      • If you want to add this code by clicking the “Source” you should know basic “HTML.”
  • Click on the “Save” button after all customization.

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