How can I generate invoice numbers for my orders?

Generating invoice numbers for your orders is a straightforward process with “Invoice Wizard“.

  • For customizing the “Invoice” number, navigate to the “Template” section. Choose “Invoice” from the available options.

  • You’ll encounter two fields labeled “Invoice Prefix” and “First Invoice Number.” The prefix field is optional, allowing you to input any number into the “First Invoice Number” field. For instance, if you enter “1” into the “First Invoice Number” field, the initial invoice you print or download will be numbered “1,” and the subsequent one will be “2.” Ensure to set a start date, such as 01.01.2024.

If you don’t fill in the Prefix and First Invoice Number fields, the invoices will display the Shopify Order Numbers.

  • After making customization do not forget to click on the “Save” button right top.

The invoice numbers feature may require careful handling. If you use incorrect number formatting, you can start anew by clicking the “Reset Invoice Numbers” button.

To verify whether the invoice numbering settings are functioning follow the steps

  • 1) Click on the “Orders” section.
  • 2) Click on the order you wish to control.
  • 3) Click on the “Print” button.
  • 4) Select the “Invoice” section.

As invoice numbers are generated dynamically, it’s essential to “process” the order first. Here are the options available for you when it comes to processing orders:

  • Here are various options for processing orders:
    • Print the order as an invoice to include the invoice number.
    • Download the order as an invoice to add the invoice number.
    • Send an order as an invoice to include the invoice number.
    • Activate one of the Invoice E-mail Sending Options to add the invoice number.
    • Upload an order as an invoice to include the invoice number.”

İmportant Note: It’s crucial to process orders in the sequence you want them numbered. For example, if you have orders 1001, 1002, and 1003, processing order 1002 first will assign the initial invoice number to order 1002

This headline, discussing the simultaneous display of the invoice number and order number, may catch your attention.

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