How can I display the fulfillment date on my invoices?

You can showcase the Product Fulfillment by following the simple steps below.

  • Click on the “Template” section in the navigation bar and select the “Invoice” section.
  • Navigate to the “Product Details” section, scroll down, and activate the “Display Product Fulfillment” option.
  • Click on the “Save” button on the right top.

When you activate the fields from the templates section, an issue date with a dummy date will be shown on the preview template to give an idea of how your invoices look with the actual data. 
If you did not add an issue date or due date to your orders from the Draft section, they will not be visible or printed on the invoices. Please always remember that even if you activate the necessary fields like Issue Date, and Due Date, for your invoice template, it will be visible on your invoices if the order status is set as “pending”.


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