How can I batch process invoices?

To “Batch” process invoices, follow the simple steps below.

You can only “Download/Print” up to 50 invoices at once. The 50-order limit is imposed by “Shopify,” and unfortunately, it is beyond the control of apps to alter this constraint.

  • Click on the “Orders” section of our app’s navigation bar.
  • Select the orders you wish to batch process.
  • Choose the action you wish to perform.

Crucial details regarding the bulk printing or downloading of invoices

In regular scenarios, handling up to 50 invoices usually proceeds without complications. However, introducing additional data might lead to prolonged processing times or unexpected issues with information printing. A common workaround for this challenge involves concealing product images, which can significantly enhance overall processing speed. If challenges persist after deactivating product images, you might consider disabling product variants or extra product details, such as product properties, within the “Templates” section for batch document processing. 

We recommend utilizing our “Google Drive” feature to automatically upload your invoices throughout the month. This approach allows you to access all your invoices collectively without any complications.

By clicking this link, you can find more detailed information about the Google Drive feature of our application.

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