First-Time Setup Instructions

You can watch the following video to guide you through the step-by-step initial setup process.

After installing “Invoice Wizard,” you’ll encounter the Quick Setup Wizard to customize your basic company details and upload your logo. For additional modifications and understanding the basic invoicing process, refer to this “First-Time Setup Instructions.” It offers comprehensive information on setup and usage.

Template Customization

Select the “Template” option in the Navigation bar of our application. Choose the document type you wish to edit from the displayed options. Once you’ve selected the Document Type, utilize the toolbar to make the desired changes to your Document. Lastly, click on the save button in the top right corner.

Once you’ve completed the customization step, you can now proceed to print, download, or send invoices from the following options:

You can perform these actions from both the “Orders” page of your “Shopify” store and the “Orders” page of the “Invoice Wizard” application.

Invoice Processing from Shopify Store’s “Orders” Page.

  • Step 1) Click on the “Orders” section.
  • Step 2) Select the order you wish to process.
  • Step 3) Click on “More Action Button(***).
  • Step 4) Click on the action you wish to perform.

You can also process invoices from the order details page of your “Shopify” store.

Important Information Regarding Bulk Printing or Downloading Invoices:

Typically, you can process up to 50 invoices. However, adding additional data may result in longer processing times or unexpected printing outcomes. To speed up the process, consider hiding product images. If you encounter further issues, consider disabling product variants or additional product details, such as product properties, from the “Templates” section of our app.

Please note that the 50-order limit is set by “Shopify,” and unfortunately, apps cannot modify this limit.

  • Performing these tasks within the “Invoice Wizard” application is also quite simple.

You also have the option to process orders directly from the “Quick Edit “page of Invoice Wizard. Simply click on the order number to access this feature.

The “Quick Edit” page of “Invoice Wizard” is particularly useful for making minor, temporary adjustments to your orders or documents.


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